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  • Metin 2 3001

    res including quests, guild battles and wars between nations. Metin2 players ...There are four classes of characters, eight major skills, and thousands of weapo...

    License: Freeware Genre: RPG | MMORPG
    Size: 490MB Updated: 04/21/11

  • 144,628

    Total downloads

  • Laxius Power ~ Random Story 1.2

    which means you get to control a party of anime-style characters and explore a F...The writing is awkward and stilted in some areas, probably a result of the game ...

    License: Freeware Genre: RPG | TRPG
    Size: 21.14MB Updated: 06/09/10

  • 23,625

    Total downloads

  • Alice In Wonderland 1

    100 years after her last appearance, Alice resurfaces in this addicting new NOKs collecting game. NOKs are collectible, intelligent 3D characters, very friendly...

    License: Freeware Genre: Miscellaneous | Kids & Education
    Size: 920KB Updated: 06/08/11

  • 18,018

    Total downloads

  • Tibia 10.01

    characters have a variety of skills that will raise through training. -Dozens...mysterious forests and dreary dungeons. The world of Tibia is huge, and it keeps...

    License: Freeware Genre: RPG | MMORPG
    Size: 29.6MB Updated: 06/17/13

  • 17,295

    Total downloads

  • Magic Ball 2 2.2

    download your free trial version today! Features * 100 levels featurin...characters that interact with the player * Stunning and colorful 3D graphic...

    License: Shareware Genre: Action | Misc Action
    Size: 9.82MB Updated: 06/30/09

  • 16,195

    Total downloads

  • Dragon Ball Z MUGEN Edition 2

    Being the mugen graphic engine one of the most charismatic and used of the World...but the fights and adventures of Son Goku and his friends started way back in 19...

    License: Freeware Genre: Action | Fighting
    Size: 30.40MB Updated: 05/17/12

  • 8,420

    Total downloads

  • Hardwood Spades 1.5 build 32

    characters. You are more than just a handful of cards, you are definitely a char...you are definitely a character! Pick a whimsical character to represent you in ...

    License: Shareware Genre: Card & Board | Poker
    Size: 7.40MB Updated: 06/21/09

  • 6,366

    Total downloads

  • Jetboat Superchamps 2 01

    Jetboat Superchamps 2 once more captures the thrill of jetboat racing in this se ... Choose from 8 different Manga-style characters, each with their own boats and ra...

    License: Demo Genre: Sports | Racing
    Size: 16.43MB Updated: 07/22/09

  • 3,712

    Total downloads

  • Fiber Twig 2 1.0

    Play the new game with intriguing characters and challenging puzzles - the sequel to Fiber Twig. Your mission is to connect cute little twigs to restore the pat...

    License: Shareware Genre: Puzzles | Jigsaw Puzzle
    Size: 14MB Updated: 07/12/09

  • 3,305

    Total downloads

  • Runes Of Magic

    characters can create items by practicing their crafting skills, avoiding combat altogether if the player wishes to play non-violently. Features: 1. Free2...

    License: Freeware Genre: RPG | MMORPG
    Size: 8.90GB Updated: 08/02/12

  • 2,987

    Total downloads

  • Magic Ball 2 New Worlds 1.0

    An amazing companion to a classic hit, Magic Ball 2 New Worlds features all new ...and animated characters. The fun literally explodes off the screen. download & p...

    License: Shareware Genre: Mini Games | Arkanoid
    Size: 10.2MB Updated: 07/21/09

  • 2,714

    Total downloads

  • Super Mario Crossover

    One of the most interesting games that can bring a lot of memories associated with old platform games and their characters is Super Mario Crossover. It is an in...

    License: Freeware Genre: Action | Platform
    Size: 8.9MB Updated: 01/16/12

  • 1,895

    Total downloads

  • Ben There, Dan That!

    in the vein of the old classic Lucasarts adventures like ‘Guybrush Threepwoodâ...colourful characters, some frames of animation and nearly 100 different sound ef...

    License: Freeware Genre: RPG | ARPG
    Size: 11.07MB Updated: 06/16/09

  • 1,336

    Total downloads

  • PDAPacMan Classic 1.1

    Main Features - Great Display - Different Game Levels - Nice characters - TopTen High Scores - Players Name - Many Game Speeds - Easy Direction key se...

    License: Shareware Genre: Mobile Games | Pocket PC Games
    Size: 480KB Updated: 06/09/10

  • 1,263

    Total downloads

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